Whether you are building a home or you are revamping your appliances, it is important to have high-quality water filtration systems to ensure the safety of you and your family. Water filtration and softening systems can come at a high cost, but they are imperative to have. At Central Florida Water Solutions, we have the appliances you need at an affordable price. We believe that everyone deserves to have safe water and we pride ourselves on offering a price match guarantee to provide you the most value. Not only does our team determine the best system for your needs and do the installation, but we also keep your systems running smoothly through routine checks and repairs. We offer a variety of different products to ensure that your specific needs are met.

Water Shield Sulfur Block System_.png

Water Shield Sulfur Block System

Our Water Shield Sulfur Block System is a simple yet innovative design that requires no chemicals or salt for regeneration. This product provides clean and refreshing water for your home. Unlike large tanks that take up space, this system is a small, single tank with the power of a large one. It is also a closed tank which keeps it more sanitary than other options, lowering the risk of algae growth that can be a result of open-air aerators.

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UV Filtration Systems_.png

UV Filtration Systems

Ultraviolet Light Filtration Systems are used to purify drinking water. The powerful light rays are used to filter and purify water and is a concept used globally. This powerful filtration system works without adding any chemicals, and does not change the taste or odor of water. UV Filtration Systems work to kill a number of harmful bacteria and other pathogens such as E.coli, Cholera, Mold, Hepatitis, Influenza, and Giardia. With this system, UV bulbs do need to be replaced to ensure that it is working its best. However, replacing the bulbs iseasy, and you do not have to turn off the water to the system to do so.

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Champ Series Reverse Osmosis Unit_.png

Champ Series Reverse Osmosis Unit

Reverse osmosis works by removing contaminants from water through pressure, forcing water molecules through a semipermeable membrane. Our Champ Series Reverse Osmosis Units use auto shut-off functions and drain control to ensure that your system is not leaking. This helps to save you water, money, and a potential mess. We test these systems for quality, giving you a great and affordable system.

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Neo Pure High-Efficiency Water Softener_.png

Neo Pure High-Efficiency Water Softener

Neo Pure High-Efficiency Water Softener is designed for everyday water usage. This system pushes out hard water through filtration. With water softener, you will notice a change in the build-up on your skin and hair from the filtration of salt. Your skin can feel softer, hair shiner, and a reduction of dull laundry as a result of filtered water. This system is eco-friendly, reduces water waste, and delivers softer water.

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Watershield Gold Water Conditioner_.png

Watershield Gold Water Conditioner

Water quality can suffer from a buildup of calcium, magnesium, iron, and chlorine. Without conditioning, this can cause a build-up on your skin, hair, laundry, dishes, or anything you use tap water on. When you use Watershield Gold Water Conditioner, your water will come out filtered, giving you cleaner results. Water build-up is dependent on where you are, and this system can be customized to suit your specific needs.

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Water Specialist Control Valve.png

Water Specialist Control Valve

Control your water flow with our Water Specialist Control Valve. This device allows you to control hot and cold water. You can also control the speed and capacity of water, allowing you to reduce water waste. This easy-to-use system also stores your data so that you can program your specific water usage.

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Your water health is our highest priority. With our systems, you can relax knowing that your water is clean and safe. If you are not sure what system is right for you, our team of experts can help you determine what you need. Call us today or get a free estimate. Central Water Solutions - for your home and health.