4 Benefits of Commercial and Residential UV Filters

When it comes to the net positives of UV water filters, it's easy to lose count! From bacteria removal to better taste, UV water disinfection goes a long way for everyone using it daily. Central Florida Water Solutions is here to condense the list of benefits into the top four things you should know about UV filter products. Ready to up your water quality? Schedule an appointment today!

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Eliminates 99.9% of Microorganisms

Viruses and pathogenic bacteria are more common in our water supplies than expected. Unfortunately, there's only so much a tap water system can do to halt bacterial growth and multiplication in anyone's water supply. UV water filters are designed to utilize ultraviolet light that negates the reproductive capabilities of the bacteria in the water that makes you sick.

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Flexible UV Intensity

A signature feature of our UV water filters is the ability to change the intensity to how you wish. Disinfection intensity plays a big role in these filters, and it's your call on how much you want to apply every time you use your water automatically. Feel free to always contact us for advice on what intensity levels are highly recommended for each situation.

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No Chemical Filtration

Our UV filter products are environmentally friendly, as they do not produce chemicals or byproducts after daily use. This also serves as a bonus for the filter's ease of use without requiring more cleanup and maintenance compared to other water filtration systems. Our UV water filters also do not remove the positive minerals found in water that benefit your teeth and overall health compared to other drastic filter systems with less control.

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A good product doesn't come from high performance alone. Top-rated water filtration systems maintain their reputation for consistently long-lasting performance and efficiency. Central Florida Water Solutions goes above and beyond that by always price matching the competitors without ever cutting corners to provide the best UV filter products.

You deserve to have the best water around every day. So take the stress away and get to a higher quality lifestyle by installing a UV water filter from Central Florida Water Solutions. Call with any questions you might have today!